Jazz guitar doesn't have to be complicated

I’ve always been a fan of the “hands-on” approach to learning jazz guitar. Even as a younger player, I always wanted someone to “just show me how” to do it, instead of giving me long explanations of how something works.

In fact, I probably got this idea from my first real jazz guitar teacher. He really wasn’t a fan of long explanations about how chords worked or music theory - until you’d gotten a handle on the basics of how to actually play your chords.

Because of his genius approach,I learned jazz guitar chords through simple chord shape exercises, and by applying those chords directly to jazz songs (both in my lessons, and on my own)..

Over time, I found that the music theory I really needed to know was actually learned in the background, as I was doing my exercises (and without any extra effort on my part).

The details and music theory were built-in to the chord shapes, exercises, and songs I was learning with my teacher… so I learned music theory without even realizing it.

Through my own research in the years since then, I’ve learned that his is how the real ”old timer” jazz guitarists often learned - skills first, theory second (if at all, in some cases).

This is the exact same approach you will use in Jazz Guitar Survival Guide: Chords and Comping.

You’ll get “hands-on” exercises to help you master jazz guitar chords quickly, and boost your jazz guitar chord skills so you can actually use them in songs you want to play.

You’ll find that Jazz Guitar Survival Guide: Chords and Comping is a simple and easy-to-follow program that will help you to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

You’ll even learn essential music theory in the background… without even thinking about it… so you can focus more of your time and energy on actually playing jazz guitar.

What will I learn about jazz guitar?

In this course you will discover:

  • How to learn jazz guitar chords fast

  • Over 25 easy, user friendly lessons to boost your skill level

  • Essential jazz guitar skills you can use right away in your playing

  • The surprisingly simple “secret weapon” chord shapes used by professional jazz guitarists

  • How to really understand the way jazz guitar chords work on the fretboard

  • A simple trick to always have easy access to your next chord, no matter where you are on the guitar neck

  • Create even the most complicated looking chords easily

  • 2 simple templates that give you the keys to building any jazz guitar chord you ever need

  • The 3 “must-know” jazz guitar chord progressions

  • Can you play jazz guitar chords without a root note? The answer may surprise you

Unlock your jazz guitar potential

The material in this course can help you learn jazz guitar chords fast. Jazz guitar Survival Guide: Chords and Comping has been used for years to help people just like you get up to speed with jazz guitar chords quickly. People like:

  • A retired college professor who wants to pick up a new musical skill

  • Students at summer jazz camps who have never played jazz guitar before

  • An architect who wants to start learning jazz after years of playing classical guitar

  • A lifelong jazz lover who finally decides to learn an instrument

  • A high school band director who wants to understand how to help the guitar player in their jazz band

  • An intermediate guitar player who feels like there is something they are missing in their playing ability or knowledge

  • College guitar players who need a boost in their jazz guitar skills to reach the next level

  • A high school student who wants to get better at guitar for jazz band

  • And it can also help YOU

What's inside?

  • 1

    Intro To Jazz Guitar Chords And Comping

    • Introduction To Chords And Comping

    • 5 Basic Chord Qualities and Reading Chord Diagrams

  • 2

    Basic Chord Shapes Part 1

    • Basic 3 Note Chord Shapes

    • 3 Note Chord Exercises

    • Manipulating Basic Chord Shapes

    • Alternating 6th And 5th String Exercises

  • 3


    • Comping Basics

    • Basic Comping Exercises - Freddie Green

    • Basic Comping Exercises - Charleston

    • Basic Comping Exercises - Reverse Charleston

    • Basic Comping Exercises - Mix And Match

    • Basic Comping Exercises - DIY

    • The Next Level - Rhythmic Phrases

  • 4

    Basic Chord Shapes Part 2

    • Basic 4 Note Chord Shapes

    • 4 Note Chord Exercises

    • Basic Chord Shapes Overview

    • Voice Leading And Jazz Guitar

    • Major 2 5 1 Progression: Two Patterns

    • Minor 2 5 1 Progression: Two Patterns

  • 5

    Adding One Color Tone

    • Adding Color Tones And Extensions

    • Rootless Chord Shapes

    • 2 5 1 Progressions With 1 Color Tone

    • Major 2 5 1 With One Color Tone

    • Minor 2 5 1 With One Color Tone

  • 6

    Adding Two Color Tones

    • Adding Two Color Tones

    • 2 5 1 Progressions With 2 Color Tones

    • Major 2 5 1 With Two Color Tones

    • Minor 2 5 1 With Two Color Tones

  • 7

    Wrapping It Up

    • What Now?

Why wait to learn jazz guitar chords?

Jazz Guitar Survival Guide: Chords and Comping can make it fast and easy for you to learn and use jazz guitar chords in your playing. Check out the course today to unlock your new jazz guitar skills.