Easy Jazz Guitar Chords

(That are actually easy to play...)

You can already play guitar, and you’re even pretty good at it - so why does jazz seem so complicated? Even a quick glance at a jazz lead sheet or “beginners jazz guitar lesson” can start to make your head hurt.

It’s overwhelming - the amount of “stuff” you seem to need to learn before you can even play a song.

There are chord symbols so complicated, it seems like you’d need to be some kind of jazz guitar rocket scientist to understand them. 

And we won’t even talk about the typical “easy” jazz guitar chords - ones that you’d have to contort your fingers into unnatural positions to play.

But learning jazz guitar doesn’t have to be complicated or painful. In fact, there is a simple system that can help you “crack the code” of jazz guitar playing.

You’ll get the “nuts-and-bolts” of playing jazz guitar, explained in a way that’s easy for you to understand and use right away.

That means no more struggling to get your fingers into crazy chord shapes, and no more trying to decipher cryptic chord symbols like some kind of jazz guitar Indiana Jones.

You can learn jazz guitar, and it can even be easy to do. Check out the Jazz Guitar Survival Guide today to see for yourself.

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"Crack the Code"

Learn jazz guitar fast with Jazz Guitar Survival Guide

  • Chord shapes that are actually easy to play

    We keep the chord shapes simple so you can learn them fast, they're finger friendly, and they're easy for you to use in songs with just a little practice.

  • Simple Drills and Exercises

    You'll use simple exercises that make it easier and faster to learn songs, help you sound good right away, and let you spend less time practicing chord exercises, and more time playing songs

  • Downloadable Handouts

    Downloadable handouts give you the flexibility to learn jazz chords on your favorite device, or you could even print them out if you prefer hard copies.

  • Cheat Sheets

    Our cheat sheets give you an "at-a-glance" quick reference for all of your chords in one place - perfect for practice sessions or rehearsals.

What's inside?

    1. Introduction To Chords And Comping

    2. 5 Basic Chord Qualities and Reading Chord Diagrams

    1. Basic 3 Note Chord Shapes

    2. 3 Note Chord Exercises

    3. Manipulating Basic Chord Shapes

    4. Alternating 6th And 5th String Exercises

    1. Comping Basics

    2. Basic Comping Exercises - Freddie Green

    3. Basic Comping Exercises - Charleston

    4. Basic Comping Exercises - Reverse Charleston

    5. Basic Comping Exercises - Mix And Match

    6. Basic Comping Exercises - DIY

    7. The Next Level - Rhythmic Phrases

    1. Basic 4 Note Chord Shapes

    2. 4 Note Chord Exercises

    3. Basic Chord Shapes Overview

    4. Voice Leading And Jazz Guitar

    5. Major 2 5 1 Progression: Two Patterns

    6. Minor 2 5 1 Progression: Two Patterns

    1. Adding Color Tones And Extensions

    2. Rootless Chord Shapes

    3. 2 5 1 Progressions With 1 Color Tone

    4. Major 2 5 1 With One Color Tone

    5. Minor 2 5 1 With One Color Tone

    1. Adding Two Color Tones

    2. 2 5 1 Progressions With 2 Color Tones

    3. Major 2 5 1 With Two Color Tones

    4. Minor 2 5 1 With Two Color Tones

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